Data for Mapping and Analysis

External Databases coupled with your own databases are the fuel for any information mapping system. Aside from the maps and data that come with your software, you may need additional map and market data elements to provide the necessary foundation for your analysis. This data can consist of traffic count data, business point locations, economic and sales forecasting data, detailed and up to date demographic data for either the United States or International.

There is a vast quantity of data available. Turning this data into customized information is our specialty. DataSource Technology, Inc. has the expertise and capability to provide data from many countries including Latin America, Europe, Asia and the U.S.

Roads, Streets and Boundaries

DataSource Technology works with a number of suppliers to insure that you have the most current digital street and traffic count information available. Most products are offered in ArcView, MapInfo and other popular database and GIS formats.

We also have Drive Time calculators, census and postal boundaries, and specialty software for the United States, Canada, and many foreign countries.


Software Solutions

DST combines the technologies of Spatial Analytics/Visualization and the BI System for full utilization of location-based data gaining unparalleled insight. A robust, out-of-the-box solution that powerful spatial analytical capabilities. This enables business users such as marketing analysts, business analysts and other knowledge workers to better understand the spatial context of the data within their Business Intelligence system.

The software we represent combine the power and versatility of enterprise Location Intelligence with unmatched accessibility, scalability, reliability, performance and cost savings to deliver web mapping, mobile mapping, querying, and analytical capabilities. The user can harness current, accurate and comprehensive Location Intelligence data across the organization for better decision making.

DST offers software that is designed for occasional users or non-GIS experts and is an out of the box, browser-based web GIS application that installs in moments. We offer full featured, desktop GIS and analytic tools for the power user. These tools allow users to quickly gain location-based insights and easily communicate with your audience.

Services and Solutions


DataSource Technology, Inc. specializes in using your own data to optimize it geographically. This analysis helps us to offer a full range of the business services, and can save time and avoid costly mistakes. Our consulting services can provide you with custom planning, design and implementation of GIS technology. Our help in the implementation phase will get you up and running as quickly as possible. To do that, DataSource Technology, Inc. supports you and trains your staff so they can become productive quickly.


Training on the software, data and applications is very important. Most of the software is intuitive and user-friendly and contains a sophisticated, feature rich package, but the tools work best in familiar hands. The training services offered by DataSource Technology, Inc. are specifically designed to develop those skills quickly and cost effectively. It can be difficult and time consuming to try to learn the software by reading the reference manuals. DataSource Technology, Inc. provides classroom training in connection with Authorized Training Centers or any on-site training you require. Training for MapInfo Professional and ArcGIS are available at many cities across the U.S. and Canada. Instruction is available for all levels of users. Formal training sessions are held in regional training centers. Personalized, on-site sessions can be held at your company’s location and we offer various options for customized and tailored training.


Custom Modeling Services

Product Analysis
  • Custom Mapping
  • Product Correlations
  • Product Rankings for a Market
  • Product Profiles
  • Product Penetration
  • Product Potential
  • Cross-sell/Up-sell analysis
  • Untapped Potential for a market
  • Category Profiling
  • Store Rankings
  • Store Clustering for Category Management Execution
Market / Area Analysis
  • Custom Mapping
  • Market Studies
  • Customer distribution
  • Trade area analysis
  • Market Rankings for a product
  • Market Potential for a product
  • Custom Trade Area Creation
  • Market/Territory Optimization
  • Market Untapping Potential
  • Market Screener
Data Services
  • Market Potential
  • Consumer Expenditure Potential
Customer Analysis
  • Custom Mapping
  • Segmentation/Profiling
  • Customer Distribution
  • Customer Penetration
  • Churn Analysis
  • Response/Drop out Models
  • Propensity Models
  • Lifetime Value (LTV)
  • Custom Segmentation Profiling
  • Custom Clustering
  • Potential/Share of Wallet
  • Customer Penetration
  • Database buy rate predictive model
  • Customer Acquisition Models

Custom Enhancement / Application Development

DataSource Technology, Inc. works with custom developers to provide a full range of programming services from simple application integration to enterprise-wide systems development.

Data and Mapping Services

DataSource Technology, Inc. can clean and standardize your files used in mapping and design maps for specific purposes or create situation maps. If you do not have the staff or expertise we can provide this for you. We provide access to the following:

  • Demographic and Market Potential Reports for custom and standard geographies
  • Territory Planning and Balancing
  • Routing and Logistical Solutions
  • Customer Profiling and Targeting
  • Direct Mail List Selection for consumer and business to business
  • Custom Mapmaking
  • Large format map generation capabilities
  • Geocoding and address correction/validation services


DataSource Technology, Inc. can assist you with the purchase of a wide variety of software, data, mailing list and analysis products. We are experienced at all of the major mapping software packages and demographic data sets. You receive personalized, knowledgeable assistance in determining which package is right for you and best of all; it does not cost you anything extra. DataSource Technology, Inc. is able to purchase in quantity from the nationally known manufacturers of software and data and pass the saving along to you.


This is an alternative to purchasing geocoding software. You provide a .dbf file with street address, city and zip code fields. We add longitude, latitude and 12-digit FIPS census block group code to each record

Use longitude/latitude coordinates to display your data with mapping software. The FIPS code can be used to link your custom data demographic databases for market penetration analysis.

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