Who We Are

DataSource Technology, Inc., is a fully authorized Value Added Reseller of GIS software and demographic data with extensive applications knowledge and strong relationships with a wide variety of software developers and data providers. DataSource Technology, Inc.’s primary role is to provide turn key solutions to the user community.

For many years customers have relied on software developers to provide sales direction and contract negotiations to the geodemographic user community. As the needs of the user community have expanded, no one company has been able to offer the best products across the data software, training, customization and project spectrum. DataSource Technology, Inc. has knowledge of which suppliers produce quality products and the features and benefits of most products offered in the market.

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Mailing Address

DataSource Technology, Inc.
1805 Arabian Avenue
Naperville, IL 60565

Contact Information

Phone: (630) 240-2758
Fax: (630) 364-4850
Email: Bshelton@datasourcetech.com

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Our Goal

The primary objective of DataSource Technology, Inc. is to become the premier GIS Consultant in the Midwest offering superior product and applications knowledge to a wide variety of customers, using superior data and software to achieve maximum results.

This is accomplished by:
  • Providing value added services and custom applications for the standard GIS and geodemographic product line.
  • Presenting customers with a complete offering of demographic, analytic and software based marketing and merchandising tools through a single supplier.
  • Supplying superior customer service and satisfaction after the sale through custom built applications and effective management of customer expectations.